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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Vacation: Cairns!

Almost 2 month late upload, but better late than never I suppose.. A very fun few days with heaps of walking and sightseeing, and also a day's worth of freezing to death on the Great Barrier Reef and almost throwing up on the boat ride there, but pretty good! Went with Captain Matty's Barefoot Tours for the sightseeing spots you'll see here - great value for money tour.


Discovering this great little semi-outdoor Korean restaurant 'Happy 4 10' on Urbanspoon was definitely one of the major highlights of the trip. The food was so good that we gladly went back another night to try out some of their other dishes. Sarah and I would kill for something that good in Brisbane.

Weekend night market!

Not great, not bad - just OK.

Sarah's handiwork with 3 sheets of temporary tattoos including butterflies, dragons and roses.

Tea leaf farm!

Sick sunroof.
Beware of angry cows.

Apparently the workers at a local graveyard complained about the lack of toilet facilities closeby, and so the council supplied a lavatory in the shape of a coffin (quite questionable taste). There were enough complaints about its appropriateness that it was moved to the other side of the road and decommissioned from service with an appropriate RIP sign.

An amazing placed called the Crater Lakes, where the water is so clear you can see for tens of metres straight down and see fish and turtles swimming about. No fishing though, boo!

And finishing off with a nice pano from MacHugh lookout.


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