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Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Valentine's Day Present

Best Valentine's Day present ever - a brand new SOG Seal Pup Elite with a Kydex sheathe (and an excuse to use the blog which hasn't been touched in an unacceptably long time). 

Why a knife for a present, you ask? Most that know me would know that I can like some pretty strange things, and knives just happen to be one of them! I've been keen on buying this particular one for literally years but I never got around to actually doing it. Thanks to the lovely srh, now I don't have to, and my SOG Flash now has a bigger brother :D

pls ignore the obvious white balance difference


Q: OMG why do you have a knife are you going to stab someone?! Why would you want a knife?!


Just like how running people over isn't the primary purpose of owning a motor vehicle, stabbing someone is not the primary purpose of owning a knife! Knives have and continue to serve as one of mankind's greatest tools which sees use anywhere from in and around the house, to the great outdoors. Thinking that knives are only good for stabbing people is incredibly narrow-minded, and you should throw out all your kitchen knives and cut your meat with scissors (which are just 2 opposite facing knives). I would never consider carrying a knife on my person for 'self-defense', and neither should you! Knives can be incredibly dangerous to their own user in the hands of the untrained, and is generally not an optimal tool for self protection.

Anyone who has ever carried a multitool or a Swiss Army Knife in their pocket will know that even a small blade comes in handy very often (cutting string, opening boxes and letters, etc), and anyone well versed in outdoor activities like camping will tell you that a good knife will be one of your greatest assets.

Also, they just look cool as fuck. And I'm a boy who likes cool things HAHA.

Q: Do you seriously carry these around?! That's so dangerous!

Of course not! Unless I'm going fishing or camping ~__~
It is illegal to carry a knife on your person (unless you are in the middle of an outdoor activity like fishing, or have a knife on your belt as part of your Scouts uniform). However, as of November 2012, you are allowed to keep a multitool like a Swiss Army Knife on your person for utility purposes. Personally, I used to carry a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife in my pocket for a number of years, before switching to a Victorinox Swiss Card which fits nicely into my wallet but is nowhere near as durable.

  • A person may carry a pen knife or swiss army knife for use for its normal utility purpose. - QLD Police
  • A good article on pocket knives by The Art of Manliness: Why Every Man Should Carry a Pocket Knife.

    Q: What would you even use it for?

    If I'm going to go camping, then lots of things! You can use a knife for batoning wood to make firewood, making tinder, marking trails, building shelter, food preparation, etc. Life would simply be infinitely easier with one than without one, and there's almost no reason to not have a good quality knife (or machete) if you're planning on experiencing the great outdoors. 

    If I'm not going camping, then it sits in my cabinet and looks pretty heheh.

    As an end note, yes, I think knives are cool, but they should definitely not be treated as toys. They should be handled with due respect and care (srh managed to cut the tip of her finger just by pulling it out of its sheathe the wrong way), and be kept far out of the reach of children!


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